Why Tutoring?

Investing in Education

As parents, we spend a lot of investment (time and money) on our children’s sports, activities and social lives. But why are we not also investing in their education? In a traditional classroom setting, children who are struggling or who learn at a different pace may not ever be able to realize their full potential. They may fall behind, confidence is challenged and typically there is not much that can be done to help them progress in that particular setting. That is where tutoring comes in!


We are a small organization, so you won’t be just a number! Although we believe in the value of structure and organization for kids of all ages, we also know that every child is different. The tutoring style, lesson plans and strategy for learning will be developed on a case-by-case basis with both parent and student input.


We believe in open communication. We will keep you informed on your child’s adaptability and progress throughout the tutoring, and we welcome parent feedback always. We want your child to succeed!

Building Confidence

At Lake Country Tutoring we believe in helping increase a child’s self esteem by empowering them, bringing out their natural skill sets and building confidence. A confident child will be better equipped to pass tests, participate in class and start to enjoy the subject they may have once struggled in.

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